Sunny's Table

When Sunny (Chef Reuben’s grandfather) cooks, the entire family comes together to his home in Queens, excited for the feast that is to come. Chef Reuben’s grandfather was always passionate about food. When Reuben was a little boy, his grandfather would lift him onto the counter to watch him cook and let him taste everything. Sunny’s table were Chef’s first memories of cooking and hospitality. Chef Reuben Asaram was on his way to becoming a doctor when he would sneak off to cook at his uncle’s restaurant, where his culinary journey began and eventually took him to Mexico. While staying with a friend in Mexico, he experienced the family-style dinners that reminded him of the meals with his grandfather, and he wished his grandfather, who had since passed away, could have experienced it with him.

The family-style service is a tribute to the grand meals of his childhood—times of togetherness and celebration, which have inspired him to recreate that sense of community at the dining table. Chef Reuben’s cooking is more than ingredients and techniques; it’s a continuation of his grandfather’s legacy, a celebration of his roots, and a heartfelt invitation to all who join him at Sunny’s Table.

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Reuby is open for sit-down dinners at 7 pm Wednesday to Saturday. 

Located at Kampar, 611 South 7th Street  Philadelphia PA 19147